Life after work

I retired from my job last year, some people thought this was a mistake, as I am, relatively young, my decision was based on many things and ultimately I retired on 29/9/12.

Since then I have found a life! I have done quite a few Readings for new people, as always with tears and laughter, I now have the freedom to do as I please! Such a luxury, if it is cold I don’t have to get out of bed!

A few months ago I applied for a grant to assist me to keep warm, my central heating broke 5 years ago. The grant is simple enough to understand and I was approved. The surveyor called last week and in the next few months I will have heating  in my home! 

The day after this wonderful news was my 62nd birthday, 62! Honestly I felt bad enough being 61! However the following day I was helping out at a Jumble Sale in the local village. I had offered to read a Tarot card  for £1. I really didn’t think I would be that busy but it was great, many people popped into my room, it was emotional, funny, edifying and boosted a lot of people. I came away, after non stop work , exhausted but satisfied and content.  Quite a few of the sitters had booked or were thinking of booking a holiday, this came through in their chosen card/s.

The day was a real hit and we raised a good amount for the charity.

I have been reading Tarot, giving messages for many many years, but I still get upset at the terrible things I hear and see. Why are people so horrible towards others? Why do some find it so easy to hurt another? Unanswerable questions I guess it is being Human!





Almost Next Year

It is December 27th 2012, Christmas is done with and so, almost, is this year.

The highlights of my year have been:

Getting my website up and running

Retiring from work

Re-connecting with friends from long ago.

Giving up smoking

I am not going to dwell on the not so good things that have happened, they are all in the past and everyone needs to move forward.

Do you have resolutions for the new year? I have never managed to keep one for long! So instead I will be making wishes instead, we all wish for things to happen, sometimes they do.

I am enjoying my retirement from work, I like spending more time with my friends, the freedom I have, the more time I have to do Readings, I have even rediscovered the ability to cook!

So what will 2013 bring? I hope it brings you happiness, peace and love




Life and it’s Trials

I live in the UK and we are currently being bombarded with Olympics fever! The media are obsessed with it. I am not a sports fan so, to be honest, I wish it was over and done with. It would appear that over the next few weeks TV and radio will be broadcasting every single event. The British media are completely overrun with Sports, usually Football.  I think the only solution for us non sporty types is hibernation.

There was a headline in one of today’s tabloids about a soap actress having phone sex with someone elses boyfriend! Apparently there is nothing more newsworthy going on in the World other than the Olympics!

I have had a busy few weeks, redecorating and finally deciding that I would finish work in September. This was not an easy decision to make but I feel confident it was the right one.

Age and all it’s troublesome side effects is catching up with me. I am 61, most of the time I don’t look or act 61. But goodness just lately I have felt 61. So, after much consideration, and asking my friends on the other side for advice, I am taking that step. A New Life awaits.

My friend and I are having a celebration next week, it is in honour of her nephews birthday, he never fully came to this world, but is active and very helpful to his family in many ways. As he was never actually born here we worked out when his birthday would have been and wish him a happy birthday. He is close to my friends son, also in Spirit, and for some time they have come through as the Dynamic Duo! Recently Shawn and Russ found another member of the family and showed him how to come through to us, we have some lively chats and many smiles with them all. They became the Terrific Trio.

I have been asked, recently, how can our loved ones help us when they are there and we are here? I have always found if they have something to say or advice to give all you need do is ask. Sometimes the answer comes as inspiration, sometimes in a dream, sometimes by an outside force. For example a while ago I gave a reading to a lady who was unsure whether to change her job, or move, or just stay as she was. I read the cards and listened to those helpers and all pointed to her getting up and moving, there was a new opportunity for her and a better chance of happiness. She followed all of that advice and is now living contentedly in a new town with a good job.

I sometimes do Past Life readings. I did one many years ago for a man and his wife, I cannot remember all the details but I do remember her reaction when I told him that he had killed her in that past life, she almost exploded at him and said… How dare you! Many expletives were used, but as the story unfolded things became clearer. Past Life readings often give an insight into traits that we have, things that we have done over and over again, people we have known time and time again.

My first experience of a Past Life memory came twenty years ago, I was sitting at home half heartedly watching tv, I turned the sound off and closed my eyes, suddenly I felt my wrists were not my own, they appeared to be fettered, my skin hurt, I wasn’t afraid but wondered where I was going or why I was being shown this. I could hear sounds and felt the heat of the sun, there was a lot of shouting and screaming, I breathed deeply and stayed calm and let it carry on. I felt like I was being led forcefully by a chain or a rope, there were some men with huge hats, a lot of humbler people standing shouting what I felt to be abuse at me. It seemed like a trial, of some sort, which I knew I was going to be found guily and die for. I calmly phoned a friend and asked her to just listen to me, she is also psychic and listened to me explain where I was and what was going on. She gently asked questions for clarifiation which I answered. I explained what I could see and words I could hear, it wasn’t English being spoken. This went on for some time, finally I saw a pile of wood, rope and the smell of burning flesh.

Spirit explained to me that I had been accused of hearing voices and accused of witchcraft, the punishment was being burnt at the stake thus, apparently, cleansing the soul! I was drained by this experience. However I found it fascinating. I have since found other Past Life memories, I am an old soul, I have visited this Earth many times.

A Past Life reading I gave a friend was proved to be accurate as we found her memorial stone and it had all the dates on it of who she was, where she lived etc.

My First Time

I had my first reading by a medium in a house in Bedford UK. My friend and I went, I was lead into a small room and greeted by a man. He told me that my life would change around my 50th birthday, I was told a lot about my family and an awful lot about my past! We were joined at the reading by my Mum, Grandmother and some Uncles and Aunties.

When he first started talking I was rather shy and reserved and, although by this time, I knew I could see and hear  people from Spirit, I was unsure what to expect. I am afraid I cannot recall the mediums name but all he told me has stayed in my mind.

He assured me I would travel many miles from home, told me that I would know times of deep hardship, that I would fall for a man who, here he stopped so I asked him to please continue, he finished with the words… he will hurt you deeply and you will fall a long way down, I said ok I won’t fall for anyone then he replied, Carol you will because you need to experience this and need to undergo the outcome. I decided that wasn’t for me! So of course shoved it to the back of my mind!

He also told me I would move away from the home I had, I said I have no plans to move, he smiled and said but you will have. I was told that my life would be long although beset by chest infections and as I aged other health issues. (Not what I wanted to hear but true).

Many things were said that had happened, he even told me that when I was a small child I had been knocked down by a milk float! Also that I could not ride a bicycle, silly things but all true.

So how did he do?

I have travelled to Australia and Africa, I did move home in my early 50′s, a man did hurt me badly and I did sink so far I didn’t think I would ever climb up again, but I have! I have known hardships which with the help of family and friends I have survived. I have had a lot of chest infections and now have diabetes. So yes he was right.

The first reading I gave was a few months after being given my cards. I read the cards literally instead of intuitively and was given lots of help by Spirit, it certainly wasn’t the best reading I have ever given and I am quite sure I got a lot wrong! But it was a learning curve. After that I started doing them regularly and gained more confidence in my self and in the cards. I find reading the cards both comforting and therapeutic for both the reader and the sitter.

I have been asked how I can read the cards for either a stranger or a friend. I always reply that when I do a reading, for whoever it may be, I can distance myself from the sitter and always go by what both the cards and Spirit tell me. I cannot remember all the readings I have given that is by choice, each reading is for that one person and it is up to them if they choose to remember it or not. I do often see people that have had a reading and they sometimes refer to a point or two that was raised by the cards, I can then remember and am pleased that they have dealt with it appropriately.


I have been asked if being a medium affects my life?, or do I have more help with my life?, do I make the same mistakes as everyone else?.  Can I read my own cards? Have I ever been hurt?

Yes to all of those questions! It does affect my life in a good way, it has helped me believe in a *something* else, it has enabled me to help other people.

I get as much help with my life as anyone else, I am not a rich person, I don’t suppose I ever will be, I am not told in advance what the lottery numbers will be. I live a normal life, I have a lovely family and close friends. I have a normal job.

Mistakes oh yes I make those! We all make mistakes through life, sometimes say the wrong thing, sometimes do the wrong thing, that is what we do. If we all did the right thing all the time we wouldn’t be human.

I don’t read my own cards, I am too close to the cards and cannot see my own readings. I have been for readings before, many times and have been told  many things, the last reading I had was a few years ago, I was reassured about a friends illness, I was told my life would improve, which it has done, I was also told I had  more to do.

We all get hurt I am no different, we can be hurt by unkind words or actions, we all feel the grief of losing someone we cared about, I can be bad tempered, I can be amusing and I love to laugh.

Being a medium does not make me any different to everyone else, it simply means I have a gift which I use.

To pay or not to pay

I have visited many *free* Psychic Websites, some time ago I had a *free* reading, for 18 months after that one reading I had emails every two days *suggesting* I bought this article or that article, or that I pay for a *more informative* reading. The old saying nothing is for free comes to mind!

My website isn’t free, if anyone has a reading I will not bombard them with emails to have more done. When i receive an email request for a reading, I do the reading and email it to that person and unless they ask for more assistance I do not bother them again. It is their choice.

I do charge for readings, I charge for my time. I charge because if something is worth having and of value to a person a fee is normal.

I am, however, opening my site to a few free readings, these will be completely free of charge. I will do one free a month. The readings will be the same as if you had paid for them, they will tell you what you need, or what you should, know. My site is open to anyone to visit. To achieve a reading please visit

What is Death?

I have believed in an afterlife for many years. It never made sense to me that we live then that’s it, we are gone forever. I believe in reincarnation, again that has always made sense to me, there is so much to learn we simply cannot do it all in one lifetime.

The only evidence I have of this is so many people come back, with good evidence of who they are and who they belong to. I know it isn’t my imagination!

So what is death? I believe that death is simply going from one existence to another, I believe that when our spirit reaches that other life we spend time healing ourselves and forgiving ourselves, for the many mistakes we all make in this life, then we decide if we are going to come back again  and as who, where and when. Of course we don’t remember our past lives when we return so we do start from scratch again, we will continue to make mistakes but eventually we do learn whatever it is we need to learn.

Many children are psychic up to school age, they have an open mind and see things and people, often these are referred to as imaginary friends. Who amongst us has never seen a child playing happily and chatting away, answering questions even. We assume they are playing with their toys, it is only when we listen to what the child is saying that some of us can sense they are talking to someone else. The beauty of a child is that the world hasn’t interfered, yet, they retain their innocence and their ability to associate with people from the existence they recently left. These children are not harmed or worried by these contacts.

Not everyone has a past life, there are new souls born every day, not everyone who passes over wishes to return to another life here.

When our time to go arrives many experience a feeling of their loved ones being close by, loved ones they may have lost long ago, one of those loved ones will take the new spirits hand and guide them to their new life. There have often been reports of Near Death Experiences where people see a bright light ahead of them. This is the light of spirit (or so I believe).

Over the years I have done many Tarot readings and Past Life readings, death is different for all of us, how we go, quick or slow, illness, accident, taking of our own life, or age related. Most of the time death is not something we actively choose. It is a simple fact of life that we are born and our body will die.

Personally I do not fear death, I don’t want it to happen yet as there are many things I still wish to do in this life, I do wonder how it may happen but I have no fear of passing to the other life.

There are lost souls, those who go too quickly maybe, or those who have done terrible things here, they are not truly lost they simply go to what they percieve as their final destination. They are offered help and it is up to them if they accept it or not. I don’t believe in ghosts the people I have seen certainly don’t wear white sheets and go ooohhh! I do believe that some are so attached to where they were at the end they simply can’t leave, again they can be helped.

Of course I cannot prove all this, it is just what I believe. Noone can prove or disprove life after death until we experience it for ourselves and then it is too late to say see told you so!

I have been asked what happens to babies who don’t make it to this life, or live here for such a short time. I have had contact with some of these children. When they leave here whether by miscarriage or other means their spirit returns to the afterlife, someone, usually a relative, will care for them and bring them along to see their families back here, the child grows knowing who it’s parents are and any other siblings they have.

I have also been asked why so many young people leave far too early. Teenagers, people in their 20s, 30s etc.  All I can say is that they are cared for, they do come back to see their families, they often explain that they didn’t want to go but had no choice, perhaps an accident or a terminal illnes. Or in the cases of taking their own life these people are simply at the end of their tether, they feel sad for the hurt they have caused but couldn’t stay any longer. I don’t want to sound heartless but It is preordained when we will leave here before we ever arrive here, some have much longer than others, no I don’t know all the answers I can only say what I feel and what I have heard from those people.

There is so much that we don’t know, there is so much more in this Universe than just us.

The Job of a Medium

The job of the medium isn’t to predict the future, it is to show the sitter that there is life after death. Future events do become part of the reading as in due time when they do form, they then become part evidence to the sitter that there is more than just this one life. After a reading it is important that the sitter does take future predictions with them but also very important that they carry on living a life, not set with said predictions in mind,but to allow what the medium has said to have the time to naturally unfold before them, thus enriching every aspect of life for the sitter.

With thanks to Brian Cook.


Many believe animals do not have a spirit. I disagree with that, many many times an animal is present at a Reading, I have had dogs, cats, rabbits, a parrot, budgerigars, a goat and horses. The animals are missed by their owners and are often there simply to make the person smile at happy memories.

I have a friend who lost a small dog a while back, this little dog was elderly and ready to go, when younger she was a determined little thing and always saw herself as superior to her other dog.  Whilst sitting in my friends garden recently we were chatting and her little dog was yapping to go in the house, I could see her past dogs, and cats, a relations parrot, quite a menagerie! It is luckily a fair sized garden!

I often feel my little dog on my bed at night, she refused to accept she was a dog and was spoilt rotten, but very much loved. Pets are family members and, as far as I am concerned, always welcome to *pop* in.

More on Tarot

Of all the cards The Death Card is the one a lot of people dread seeing, the misconception of it’s name can be alarming, in 99% of times it appears it is a good positive card to receive, it often means the end of something that has been worrying you. In the odd 1% it can mean additional assistance maybe required. It truly isn’t a scary card.

There are positive and negative aspects to all parts of life, the same applies to Tarot, that is why a Reading will give a full *story* of what is happening.

At the beginning of a Reading I usually light a white candle for the person having the Reading. I chose a card which acts as the Significator ( it is a lot easier to chose a card to represent someone rather than have them lie on the table whilst I place cards on top of them). The cards follow showing what is happening now, what issues the person maybe going through, what has recently occured (past issues), the future (short term), the person, their family environment, their hopes/fears and a final outcome. When all read together the story unfolds.

For example if a card showed a recent unhappiness the end result would reflect that sadness does ease, or perhaps the future card shows an easing of the stress.

The messages I receive during a Reading are usually towards the end of the cards being read, they may clarify a situation, they may simply want the person to know they are still around. Sometimes it is a piece of music playing, I have even had glasses tinkling for a forthcoming celebration. Each Reading is different, each Reading is specifically for that one person. If anyone does not wish to receive a message, I fully respect that.