To pay or not to pay

I have visited many *free* Psychic Websites, some time ago I had a *free* reading, for 18 months after that one reading I had emails every two days *suggesting* I bought this article or that article, or that I pay for a *more informative* reading. The old saying nothing is for free comes to mind!

My website isn’t free, if anyone has a reading I will not bombard them with emails to have more done. When i receive an email request for a reading, I do the reading and email it to that person and unless they ask for more assistance I do not bother them again. It is their choice.

I do charge for readings, I charge for my time. I charge because if something is worth having and of value to a person a fee is normal.

I am, however, opening my site to a few free readings, these will be completely free of charge. I will do one free a month. The readings will be the same as if you had paid for them, they will tell you what you need, or what you should, know. My site is open to anyone to visit. To achieve a reading please visit

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