Life and it’s Trials

I live in the UK and we are currently being bombarded with Olympics fever! The media are obsessed with it. I am not a sports fan so, to be honest, I wish it was over and done with. It would appear that over the next few weeks TV and radio will be broadcasting every single event. The British media are completely overrun with Sports, usually Football.  I think the only solution for us non sporty types is hibernation.

There was a headline in one of today’s tabloids about a soap actress having phone sex with someone elses boyfriend! Apparently there is nothing more newsworthy going on in the World other than the Olympics!

I have had a busy few weeks, redecorating and finally deciding that I would finish work in September. This was not an easy decision to make but I feel confident it was the right one.

Age and all it’s troublesome side effects is catching up with me. I am 61, most of the time I don’t look or act 61. But goodness just lately I have felt 61. So, after much consideration, and asking my friends on the other side for advice, I am taking that step. A New Life awaits.

My friend and I are having a celebration next week, it is in honour of her nephews birthday, he never fully came to this world, but is active and very helpful to his family in many ways. As he was never actually born here we worked out when his birthday would have been and wish him a happy birthday. He is close to my friends son, also in Spirit, and for some time they have come through as the Dynamic Duo! Recently Shawn and Russ found another member of the family and showed him how to come through to us, we have some lively chats and many smiles with them all. They became the Terrific Trio.

I have been asked, recently, how can our loved ones help us when they are there and we are here? I have always found if they have something to say or advice to give all you need do is ask. Sometimes the answer comes as inspiration, sometimes in a dream, sometimes by an outside force. For example a while ago I gave a reading to a lady who was unsure whether to change her job, or move, or just stay as she was. I read the cards and listened to those helpers and all pointed to her getting up and moving, there was a new opportunity for her and a better chance of happiness. She followed all of that advice and is now living contentedly in a new town with a good job.

I sometimes do Past Life readings. I did one many years ago for a man and his wife, I cannot remember all the details but I do remember her reaction when I told him that he had killed her in that past life, she almost exploded at him and said… How dare you! Many expletives were used, but as the story unfolded things became clearer. Past Life readings often give an insight into traits that we have, things that we have done over and over again, people we have known time and time again.

My first experience of a Past Life memory came twenty years ago, I was sitting at home half heartedly watching tv, I turned the sound off and closed my eyes, suddenly I felt my wrists were not my own, they appeared to be fettered, my skin hurt, I wasn’t afraid but wondered where I was going or why I was being shown this. I could hear sounds and felt the heat of the sun, there was a lot of shouting and screaming, I breathed deeply and stayed calm and let it carry on. I felt like I was being led forcefully by a chain or a rope, there were some men with huge hats, a lot of humbler people standing shouting what I felt to be abuse at me. It seemed like a trial, of some sort, which I knew I was going to be found guily and die for. I calmly phoned a friend and asked her to just listen to me, she is also psychic and listened to me explain where I was and what was going on. She gently asked questions for clarifiation which I answered. I explained what I could see and words I could hear, it wasn’t English being spoken. This went on for some time, finally I saw a pile of wood, rope and the smell of burning flesh.

Spirit explained to me that I had been accused of hearing voices and accused of witchcraft, the punishment was being burnt at the stake thus, apparently, cleansing the soul! I was drained by this experience. However I found it fascinating. I have since found other Past Life memories, I am an old soul, I have visited this Earth many times.

A Past Life reading I gave a friend was proved to be accurate as we found her memorial stone and it had all the dates on it of who she was, where she lived etc.