What is Death?

I have believed in an afterlife for many years. It never made sense to me that we live then that’s it, we are gone forever. I believe in reincarnation, again that has always made sense to me, there is so much to learn we simply cannot do it all in one lifetime.

The only evidence I have of this is so many people come back, with good evidence of who they are and who they belong to. I know it isn’t my imagination!

So what is death? I believe that death is simply going from one existence to another, I believe that when our spirit reaches that other life we spend time healing ourselves and forgiving ourselves, for the many mistakes we all make in this life, then we decide if we are going to come back again  and as who, where and when. Of course we don’t remember our past lives when we return so we do start from scratch again, we will continue to make mistakes but eventually we do learn whatever it is we need to learn.

Many children are psychic up to school age, they have an open mind and see things and people, often these are referred to as imaginary friends. Who amongst us has never seen a child playing happily and chatting away, answering questions even. We assume they are playing with their toys, it is only when we listen to what the child is saying that some of us can sense they are talking to someone else. The beauty of a child is that the world hasn’t interfered, yet, they retain their innocence and their ability to associate with people from the existence they recently left. These children are not harmed or worried by these contacts.

Not everyone has a past life, there are new souls born every day, not everyone who passes over wishes to return to another life here.

When our time to go arrives many experience a feeling of their loved ones being close by, loved ones they may have lost long ago, one of those loved ones will take the new spirits hand and guide them to their new life. There have often been reports of Near Death Experiences where people see a bright light ahead of them. This is the light of spirit (or so I believe).

Over the years I have done many Tarot readings and Past Life readings, death is different for all of us, how we go, quick or slow, illness, accident, taking of our own life, or age related. Most of the time death is not something we actively choose. It is a simple fact of life that we are born and our body will die.

Personally I do not fear death, I don’t want it to happen yet as there are many things I still wish to do in this life, I do wonder how it may happen but I have no fear of passing to the other life.

There are lost souls, those who go too quickly maybe, or those who have done terrible things here, they are not truly lost they simply go to what they percieve as their final destination. They are offered help and it is up to them if they accept it or not. I don’t believe in ghosts the people I have seen certainly don’t wear white sheets and go ooohhh! I do believe that some are so attached to where they were at the end they simply can’t leave, again they can be helped.

Of course I cannot prove all this, it is just what I believe. Noone can prove or disprove life after death until we experience it for ourselves and then it is too late to say see told you so!

I have been asked what happens to babies who don’t make it to this life, or live here for such a short time. I have had contact with some of these children. When they leave here whether by miscarriage or other means their spirit returns to the afterlife, someone, usually a relative, will care for them and bring them along to see their families back here, the child grows knowing who it’s parents are and any other siblings they have.

I have also been asked why so many young people leave far too early. Teenagers, people in their 20s, 30s etc.  All I can say is that they are cared for, they do come back to see their families, they often explain that they didn’t want to go but had no choice, perhaps an accident or a terminal illnes. Or in the cases of taking their own life these people are simply at the end of their tether, they feel sad for the hurt they have caused but couldn’t stay any longer. I don’t want to sound heartless but It is preordained when we will leave here before we ever arrive here, some have much longer than others, no I don’t know all the answers I can only say what I feel and what I have heard from those people.

There is so much that we don’t know, there is so much more in this Universe than just us.

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