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Of all the cards The Death Card is the one a lot of people dread seeing, the misconception of it’s name can be alarming, in 99% of times it appears it is a good positive card to receive, it often means the end of something that has been worrying you. In the odd 1% it can mean additional assistance maybe required. It truly isn’t a scary card.

There are positive and negative aspects to all parts of life, the same applies to Tarot, that is why a Reading will give a full *story* of what is happening.

At the beginning of a Reading I usually light a white candle for the person having the Reading. I chose a card which acts as the Significator ( it is a lot easier to chose a card to represent someone rather than have them lie on the table whilst I place cards on top of them). The cards follow showing what is happening now, what issues the person maybe going through, what has recently occured (past issues), the future (short term), the person, their family environment, their hopes/fears and a final outcome. When all read together the story unfolds.

For example if a card showed a recent unhappiness the end result would reflect that sadness does ease, or perhaps the future card shows an easing of the stress.

The messages I receive during a Reading are usually towards the end of the cards being read, they may clarify a situation, they may simply want the person to know they are still around. Sometimes it is a piece of music playing, I have even had glasses tinkling for a forthcoming celebration. Each Reading is different, each Reading is specifically for that one person. If anyone does not wish to receive a message, I fully respect that.




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