I have been asked if being a medium affects my life?, or do I have more help with my life?, do I make the same mistakes as everyone else?.  Can I read my own cards? Have I ever been hurt?

Yes to all of those questions! It does affect my life in a good way, it has helped me believe in a *something* else, it has enabled me to help other people.

I get as much help with my life as anyone else, I am not a rich person, I don’t suppose I ever will be, I am not told in advance what the lottery numbers will be. I live a normal life, I have a lovely family and close friends. I have a normal job.

Mistakes oh yes I make those! We all make mistakes through life, sometimes say the wrong thing, sometimes do the wrong thing, that is what we do. If we all did the right thing all the time we wouldn’t be human.

I don’t read my own cards, I am too close to the cards and cannot see my own readings. I have been for readings before, many times and have been told  many things, the last reading I had was a few years ago, I was reassured about a friends illness, I was told my life would improve, which it has done, I was also told I had  more to do.

We all get hurt I am no different, we can be hurt by unkind words or actions, we all feel the grief of losing someone we cared about, I can be bad tempered, I can be amusing and I love to laugh.

Being a medium does not make me any different to everyone else, it simply means I have a gift which I use.

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