Many believe animals do not have a spirit. I disagree with that, many many times an animal is present at a Reading, I have had dogs, cats, rabbits, a parrot, budgerigars, a goat and horses. The animals are missed by their owners and are often there simply to make the person smile at happy memories.

I have a friend who lost a small dog a while back, this little dog was elderly and ready to go, when younger she was a determined little thing and always saw herself as superior to her other dog.  Whilst sitting in my friends garden recently we were chatting and her little dog was yapping to go in the house, I could see her past dogs, and cats, a relations parrot, quite a menagerie! It is luckily a fair sized garden!

I often feel my little dog on my bed at night, she refused to accept she was a dog and was spoilt rotten, but very much loved. Pets are family members and, as far as I am concerned, always welcome to *pop* in.

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