My First Time

I had my first reading by a medium in a house in Bedford UK. My friend and I went, I was lead into a small room and greeted by a man. He told me that my life would change around my 50th birthday, I was told a lot about my family and an awful lot about my past! We were joined at the reading by my Mum, Grandmother and some Uncles and Aunties.

When he first started talking I was rather shy and reserved and, although by this time, I knew I could see and hear  people from Spirit, I was unsure what to expect. I am afraid I cannot recall the mediums name but all he told me has stayed in my mind.

He assured me I would travel many miles from home, told me that I would know times of deep hardship, that I would fall for a man who, here he stopped so I asked him to please continue, he finished with the words… he will hurt you deeply and you will fall a long way down, I said ok I won’t fall for anyone then he replied, Carol you will because you need to experience this and need to undergo the outcome. I decided that wasn’t for me! So of course shoved it to the back of my mind!

He also told me I would move away from the home I had, I said I have no plans to move, he smiled and said but you will have. I was told that my life would be long although beset by chest infections and as I aged other health issues. (Not what I wanted to hear but true).

Many things were said that had happened, he even told me that when I was a small child I had been knocked down by a milk float! Also that I could not ride a bicycle, silly things but all true.

So how did he do?

I have travelled to Australia and Africa, I did move home in my early 50′s, a man did hurt me badly and I did sink so far I didn’t think I would ever climb up again, but I have! I have known hardships which with the help of family and friends I have survived. I have had a lot of chest infections and now have diabetes. So yes he was right.

The first reading I gave was a few months after being given my cards. I read the cards literally instead of intuitively and was given lots of help by Spirit, it certainly wasn’t the best reading I have ever given and I am quite sure I got a lot wrong! But it was a learning curve. After that I started doing them regularly and gained more confidence in my self and in the cards. I find reading the cards both comforting and therapeutic for both the reader and the sitter.

I have been asked how I can read the cards for either a stranger or a friend. I always reply that when I do a reading, for whoever it may be, I can distance myself from the sitter and always go by what both the cards and Spirit tell me. I cannot remember all the readings I have given that is by choice, each reading is for that one person and it is up to them if they choose to remember it or not. I do often see people that have had a reading and they sometimes refer to a point or two that was raised by the cards, I can then remember and am pleased that they have dealt with it appropriately.


I have been asked if being a medium affects my life?, or do I have more help with my life?, do I make the same mistakes as everyone else?.  Can I read my own cards? Have I ever been hurt?

Yes to all of those questions! It does affect my life in a good way, it has helped me believe in a *something* else, it has enabled me to help other people.

I get as much help with my life as anyone else, I am not a rich person, I don’t suppose I ever will be, I am not told in advance what the lottery numbers will be. I live a normal life, I have a lovely family and close friends. I have a normal job.

Mistakes oh yes I make those! We all make mistakes through life, sometimes say the wrong thing, sometimes do the wrong thing, that is what we do. If we all did the right thing all the time we wouldn’t be human.

I don’t read my own cards, I am too close to the cards and cannot see my own readings. I have been for readings before, many times and have been told  many things, the last reading I had was a few years ago, I was reassured about a friends illness, I was told my life would improve, which it has done, I was also told I had  more to do.

We all get hurt I am no different, we can be hurt by unkind words or actions, we all feel the grief of losing someone we cared about, I can be bad tempered, I can be amusing and I love to laugh.

Being a medium does not make me any different to everyone else, it simply means I have a gift which I use.

To pay or not to pay

I have visited many *free* Psychic Websites, some time ago I had a *free* reading, for 18 months after that one reading I had emails every two days *suggesting* I bought this article or that article, or that I pay for a *more informative* reading. The old saying nothing is for free comes to mind!

My website isn’t free, if anyone has a reading I will not bombard them with emails to have more done. When i receive an email request for a reading, I do the reading and email it to that person and unless they ask for more assistance I do not bother them again. It is their choice.

I do charge for readings, I charge for my time. I charge because if something is worth having and of value to a person a fee is normal.

I am, however, opening my site to a few free readings, these will be completely free of charge. I will do one free a month. The readings will be the same as if you had paid for them, they will tell you what you need, or what you should, know. My site is open to anyone to visit. To achieve a reading please visit