Some Moments

Not all Readings are serious, there are often tears and many many times laughter.

The tears are a release as is the joy of laughter, many years ago I did an in depth reading for a lady my Father knew, this involved using all the cards in the pack, she listened and nodded now and then, she smiled occasionally and shook her head several times, my Father was present and at the end she said Carol that was very good but none of it was about me, my Father, who was NEVER wrong, said didn’t you listen? She pouted and said of course I did! He said well listen again! So I went through the whole lot again, this time she actually did listen and at the end she said Carol that was me! I smiled, a little nervously, I asked why she didn’t accept the first reading? She replied *because I didn’t like me in that reading*, I laughed aloud and so did Dad, she looked at us both and said…..I like me better the second time around! What she meant, and admitted to afterwards, was the Cards showed herself to her! This is sometimes a strange experience, we all have sides to us that we don’t always acknowledge.

I have been woken by Tuba playing, Piano playing, Guitar playing, Trombone playing… at the risk of offending the *artistes* it wasn’t very good! But was a way of saying we are here and often better than an alrm clock. Whilst walking through a snowy wet cold miserable shopping centre with my friend, we were shivering and teeth chattering! Her son and nephew (both passed) appeared in front of us laughing and wearing revolting yellow Bermuda shorts! That did brighten our miserable start to the day! They maintain their sense of humour always.




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