Life after work

I retired from my job last year, some people thought this was a mistake, as I am, relatively young, my decision was based on many things and ultimately I retired on 29/9/12.

Since then I have found a life! I have done quite a few Readings for new people, as always with tears and laughter, I now have the freedom to do as I please! Such a luxury, if it is cold I don’t have to get out of bed!

A few months ago I applied for a grant to assist me to keep warm, my central heating broke 5 years ago. The grant is simple enough to understand and I was approved. The surveyor called last week and in the next few months I will have heating  in my home! 

The day after this wonderful news was my 62nd birthday, 62! Honestly I felt bad enough being 61! However the following day I was helping out at a Jumble Sale in the local village. I had offered to read a Tarot card  for £1. I really didn’t think I would be that busy but it was great, many people popped into my room, it was emotional, funny, edifying and boosted a lot of people. I came away, after non stop work , exhausted but satisfied and content.  Quite a few of the sitters had booked or were thinking of booking a holiday, this came through in their chosen card/s.

The day was a real hit and we raised a good amount for the charity.

I have been reading Tarot, giving messages for many many years, but I still get upset at the terrible things I hear and see. Why are people so horrible towards others? Why do some find it so easy to hurt another? Unanswerable questions I guess it is being Human!