Tears and Laughter

Both tears and laughter occur at most readings, they are both a release, sometimes a relief.

People maintain their sense of humour when they pass over, they often add laughter to show they really are there. Often funny situations are recalled, sometimes just a silly situation is remembered.

The message of the cards can be serious and should be taken as such, but there is no reason not to smile or even laugh along with those loved ones. It can sometimes be embarassing for the *reader*, I gave a reading for a lady who was looking for some reassurance from her recently departed spouse, the cards told her what she need to know and assured her of some matters, towards the end of the reading her husband came along, I passed his messages along, she cried but welcomed the messages, his last words through me were * she snores louder than i did*! The lady screamed with laughter, this apparently had been a long term argument. His way of saying all is well.

Another one that did made us laugh long afterwards, a mans wife came through to chat with him, she gave lots of relevant information and he was smiling through the tears, she then said… Find THAT book! He looked mistified, so I asked what book? She replied Oh he knows which b***** book! A few months later we met again, he was shaking with laughter and said ..do you remember the book issue? I smiled and said oh yes did you find it? The book was actually a Playboy Magazine that he had bought long ago and never did throw away, his son had found it and duly confiscated it to his own room, when his son moved out the man went through the room clearing up a teenagers debris, stuck in the back of the wardrobe was the Playboy magazine! He said he sat on the floor and cried with laughter at his wife having bought that up!

There are often tears, that is natural. I cried like a baby when a Medium told me about my little dog who had recently passed away, she said… her last meal was a piece of Dairy Milk! Which indeed it was

I was lucky enough to go to a lovely friends wedding recently, everyone looked gorgeous and the bride, naturally, looked beautiful. Along with all the invited guests there were many who popped along to join in the fun, when the big picture of all the guests was taken, the photographer asked everyone to wave, wouldn’t it be great if *everyone* showed up on the photo!



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