How I became a Medium

Many years ago, 34 years to be precise, I was taken to a Psychometry reading, I knew nothing about this and was quite prepared to dismiss it. ( Psychometry is when a Medium holds something personal to you and focuses on what she/he can see)

At that Reading I was told an awful lot of my past and a great deal about both mine and my families future, she told me that my husband and I would part, this came as a shock to me so I did dismiss it. She spoke about me travelling the World, again I dismissed that as fantasy, she told me that I would live to a ripe old age ( still waiting on that one). Many, many things that she said have happened over the years.

I have travelled to Australia and Africa, my husband and I did divorce some few years later. A guess? I don’t think so, she was very precise in what she said to me, even with times and who I would meet, right down to initials! I did meet this person who turned out not to be so great!

When my Mother passed away in 1978 I was naturally distraught. A couple of weeks after her passing I woke in the night to see her standing at the end of my bed, I rubbed my eyes, believing that I was dreaming, but she was still there. I felt no fear, she was my Mum, she held her arms out to me, as if for a cuddle, she smiled and I felt she said everything was alright. Then she faded from view. I didn’t talk about this much, I didn’t know whether to trust myself or not, when I did tell someone it was dismissed as imagination.

A year later a dear friend bought me a set of Tarot Cards, the same ones I use to this day, they felt right to me, I practised on friends and in time felt completely at home with them. That same year we went to a Disco at a local pub, it was a sunny evening, children were running round  and the music playing quite loudly. I turned to my friend and told her what people were saying and who they were, she listened and then said, very quietly, Carol you do know these people have passed away? I said I can see them and hear them so as far as I am concerned they are here. She confirmed later that everything I said and the descriptions I gave were very accurate. This was my first Medium experience.

I have received no training for this, it came naturally and is always with me. I have seen many wonderful people, spoken to people who I never met in this world, they have reassured many people about personal things, sometimes by their messages peoples lives have changed for the better.

I have a lot of faith in what the cards can show, it is up to each individual how they use that knowledge.

I thank my my friends for all their help so long ago, without their patience and assistance I would not now be me.


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