The cards used in Celtic Cross

The cards are split into two categories, The Major Arcana and The Minor Arcana.

The Major Arcana consists of 21 cards:

The Fool

The Magician

The Empress

The Hierophant

The Emperor

The Lovers

The Chariot


The Hermit

Wheel of Fortune


The Hanged Man



The Devil

The Tower

The Star

The Moon

The Sun


The World

The Minor Arcana consists of four sets of fourteen cards from Ace to King in Wands, Swords, Cups,Pentacles.

The cards can be read in a standardised manner, according to each literal meaning of each card. I find this a little restricting so I interpret the cards with instinct and linking each one to the following, this tells a story of what is going on in your life, the ups and downs, the good and not so great, it always gives a conclusion and often offers assistance.



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