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The Tarot is different for everyone and no two readings are ever the same.

If you had a reading one month and then another one the following month they would be very different as you would, hopefully, have attended to any outstanding matters and moved forward in your life. I don’t recommend readings that quickly, I feel it is best to wait a few months before having another reading.

Tarot Cards are chosen by you, whether you are here with me or via email, the cards are what you need to know or perhaps what is needed for you to know.

The Tarot gives an insight into you. Tarot can open your eyes to *see* what is really going on. It can also warn you if matters need attention.

I use the Celtic Cross layout in Tarot, it is the most widely used layout and will show what is behind the issues of your current situation, it will also show what is ahead of you.

The reading will only show a short term future, perhaps 3-6 months, the future changesĀ  depending on which path we chose to follow.

There are other readings that can be done with the Tarot, some quicker, some much more in depth.


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