What is Spiritual Healing?

The simplest way to describe this is that someone thinks of you and the part of you that is hurting, ill or diseased and sends their thoughts, prayers and healing strength to you.

This can be done 'hands on' or distantly.

These are the Helpful Candles that I use, there are many many more colours, but these are the ones I find helpful and can trust in.

Cleansing, clairvoyance, healing, a general colour easily adapted for most things.

The colour of sunshine, yellow is often used to *open someone's eyes* to make them see what is happening in their surroundings. It is also a colour of vibrancy and a soft healing touch.

Promotes romance, romantic love, friendship a colour of femininity, honour, strengthens one's determination and stability

The colour of Fire, the colour of blood, so Red is a colour of life it brings the fire back when it is needed. The fire of imagination and passion.

This is a colour of Spirituality, it is also the colour of love and certainty. Lavender Encourages honesty, trust, compassion.

Royal Blue
Promotes laughter and joviality; colour of loyalty encourages joy in life. A candle of deep friendship and trust.

The strongest colour of Spirituality, this engenders peace, health, a calming of fears and stresses. Blue is also the colour of Healing Energy.

Green is the Earth colour, it helps re-growth, renewal, it promotes life and growth. This colour is useful when a person needs grounding.